PRO STP Markup

PRO STP Markup Program

When your newly attracted to Forex4you clients register PRO STP account, cooperation becomes even more beneficial. You can choose how much attracted clients will pay you.

Become a Partner

New title

You determine the reward
Easy registration
Online reporting
Your personal account manager
No limit on commissions per client

Choose your Pro STP partner reward

Knowing your client base, you can choose any reward amount of $2, $7, $15, $30*, $40* or $50* per one traded lot. This amount your attracted clients will pay you.
*Considered upon individual request to

Calculate your reward
Level of partner reward
Your total monthly income


For example, you have chosen Pro STP markup $15. Then your reward is calculated according to the “Markup 15” setting. In this way Pro STP trader referred by you will pay a total commission of $54 for 3 standard lots (or $18 per lot). From this amount you will earn $45 (which equals to your requested $15 per lot) and Forex4you earns a standard broker commission of $9 (or $3 per lot). Partner’s markup reward $15 x 3 lots + Forex4you commission $3 x 3 lots = $54
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