New promotion materials for our partners

Posted on August 24, 2017 at 11:54 am

We have always valued cooperation with our Partners and today we would like to present new Forex4you partner promotion materials. We are adding more THAN 120 banners for 4 main languages: English, Malay, Thai and Vietnamese. Let’s take a closer look.

First of all we conducted research to reveal the most popular topics in the Forex among our clients, using this method we could reach best CTR, CTA and overall promotional effect. In a view of this research we divided banners in few categories for each of the service: Forex4you and Share4you:

Forex4you banner types:

  • General – general promotions about Forex4you with catchy slogans
  • Accounts – about types of trading accounts which can be opened in our Company and their advantages
  • Trade conditions – about our Company trading conditions and competitive advantages

Share4you types:

  • General – general promotions about Share4you service with catchy slogans
  • Leader – advantages of being Leader in Share4you service and how to increase profit from trading signals sharing
  • Follower – advantages of the follower in Share4you service and how to earn from investing in Forex without prior knowledge

New promotion materials divided by two categories: animated and static, therefore you can choose the best the solution for your use (platform). Also we would like to highlight that for animated banners we use new HTML5 technology, which become new standard and the only possible way to use Google Display Network with animation ads.

Banners will be available in the 5 most popular sizes taken from Google Display Network and Facebook and of course, these banners can be used on the others platforms, websites, blogs and etc.

This update is the first step in developing Partner promotional materials and in future we will add new and up-to-date banners for your using.


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