Partner commission calculator

Based on your referred client account type you can receive a commission from the spread, commission or from both. There is a minimum trade level of order in pips (Minimums Trade Points or MTP), which order must reach for you to earn a commission. MTP condition doesn’t apply to Classic Pro account – we pay you commission for each order your client closes. Partner commission is not paid for the orders that led to client’s negative balance.

Please note!

For orders closed with “Close by” function, partner reward from part of spread is calculated according to spread at orders opening moment.

Partner reward on spread will not be paid on orders with the same open and close price.

Market spreads may be different from the table values.
For each order the maximum partner payout is 500 USD

Partner calculator showing maximum partner rewards amounts. The real partner rewards may vary based on your results and performance.

Please note, that Partner reward is paid for trading operations made on attracted Client’s own funds, so Credit Coefficient may be applied:
Credit coefficient = (Equity – the Introduced Client’s current credit/bonus) / Equity
Total partner rebate = Partner Rebate x Credit coefficient